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Range Rover Evoque EPS rack failure

Common fault: There is a loud grinding noise when trying to steer or sometimes the steering stops working altogether.

The reason is that the bolts holding the steering ECU/electric motor assembly to the main steering rack body snap and the two components come apart. Either all three bolts fail, and the motor/ECU assembly drops off, or one/two of the bolts fail and the drive belt looses tension causing the belt to slip. A combination of salt corrosion and fatigue stress causes the bolts to shear due to the original bolts being aluminium.

Power Racks Direct offers a repair service for the mechanical components of these steering racks which includes removing the broken bolts, replacing the drive belt with a new drive belt, replacing the bolts with steel bolts, reassembling the steering rack and finally tensioning the drive belt and testing.  The electrical components of the steering rack are not touched so this service will not help if the steering system has fault codes or there are any steering warning lights on the dash.  Despite it being obvious that the steering is not working due to the motor/ECU assembly coming away from the main body of the rack, it is important that you carry out a scan of the steering system to ensure that the fault code B1304-04, Electronic power assisted steering system – System internal failures, is not present. The mechanical repair will not cure this fault.

Our repair service includes initially sending a box with the necessary packaging materials to securely pack the steering rack once it has been removed from your customer’s car. These steering racks are heavy with fragile plastic electrical connectors and if these are damaged the steering rack would no longer be serviceable. Sending the correct box adds a day to the repair process but experiences has shown that it is a price worth paying. Once you inform us that the steering rack is securely packed, we will arrange for TNT to collect. We would receive your steering rack in the morning of the following day; the repairs would be carried out that day and shipped back in the evening, with your customer’s steering rack returned on the third day.

Due to the safety critical nature of steering, Power Racks Direct only supply to the motor trade so this service is only offered to UK garages.  The repair is guaranteed under our standard 12 month, unlimited mileage warranty.

Please call us on our free phone number 0800 731 4517 to discuss full range and availability.



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