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Technical Information

Over 40+ years of remanufacturing power steering components, the people at Power Racks Direct have gained a vast amount of knowledge of power steering systems, how they work and what can go wrong. 

This technical information page is designed to share this knowledge, to help with diagnosing power steering system problems, to offer tips and advice on specific faults and to give a greater understanding of power steering systems, what is on the market now and what is going to be pulling into your garage in the future.

New technical topics will be added to the library over time so revisiting the site at regular intervals would prove beneficial. Suggestions for topics not currently covered would be appreciated, please send your suggestions by email to

Important: The following advice is given in good faith and is ​​​​​​​based on our knowledge and experience, however Power Racks Direct cannot be held responsible for any claims resulting from the information provided.

Technical Information

Flushing The Hydraulic Power Steering System

Bleeding Air From A Hydraulic
Power Steering System

Worn Piston Ring

Heavy Steering At Low Revs -
What Is The Reason?

What Power Steering
Fluid To Use?

Frothy Fluid - What Causes The
​​​​​​​Fluid In The Reservoir To Froth

BMW EPS rack knocking problem

Morning Sickness – Why Is There No Assistance When Starting From Cold?

Fluid Level Low But No Obvious Leaks - Where's The Fluid Gone?